Adapted Physical Activity

I want to see every person set up with an exercise routine that suits them. The population on Mayne Island is older and many people experience short term or long term health problems or injuries.

Can I Use The Gym If I Have An Injury Or Limitation

Yes, you are welcome to use the facility here. We have a lot of equipment in place to support people who have mobility concerns. If there is something missing, lets talk about it and find it.

How We Support People With Limitations

First, if you get in touch with Tim Begley, a number of accommodations can be arranged ahead of time. We frequently have people with mobility limitations, visual impairments, and hearing challenges attending our centre and our programs.

Exercise Equipment That Is Accessible

We have a well-stocked centre with plenty of equipment. Some of it works very well for people with limitations. For example, our recumbent stationary bike is very easy to get on and off of. Also, it is far easier to get up and down off a massage table than a bench or a mat on the floor.

Accessible Parking

Two marked spots near the doors plus a place for drop-offs.

Accessible Washrooms

Bring A Partner To Support You

We don’t charge anything extra if you want to come with someone who will support you in safely completing your exercises. This is quite common here.

Want to chat about this before you come?

Contact us and we can find a time to chat about your situation.